Honestly, why do you people always have to make these things so difficult?


Okay, well, I guess I have to choose two. Fine. Our winners, who will each receive a Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe 5-inch Boning Knife (which is both excellent for trimming venison and available to the rest of you at for a piddling $17), are:

1. DANO To make skinning easier: I make a small incision between the skin and meat on one of the rear legs, then I use my air compressor with the Blower nozzle and slip that under the hide and seal around it with my fingers. When you open the nozzle the hide will blow up like a balloon and separate itself from the meat. If you give it time it will blow up all the way to the head. This works very good especially on deer once they have already cooled off. You barely have to pull and the hide just peals off.

2. Walt Smith Don’t waste your money on a vacuum sealer and expensive bags. Go to your local grocery store and buy a Ziploc hand vacuum pump and Ziploc vacuum bags in quart or gallon size. They are easier to use than an expensive sealer, they don’t require electricity or batteries to operate and they keep food just as fresh as long or longer. Who ever designed it is a freaking genius!

Seriously, excellent tips all. Thanks for offering so many. DANO, I have no idea if what you suggest actually works, but blowing up a deer skin like a big balloon–ala Shrek–sounds like too much fun not to try. Walt, you had more than one good tip, but I’m most excited to try the Ziploc thing. You two will be hearing from me soon regarding you prize, courtesy of Cabela’s.