Hunting Dogs photo

Friends, you’ve outdone yourselves again. We had 157 very solid entries in the latest caption contest. First, let me give a big thanks to Cabela’s for the prize: a six pack of training dummies. And thanks to the folks at See Me for the reflective leash and collar that I’m adding to the prize loot.


The photo came courtesy of a good friend, whose Vizsla, Laszlo, apparently has a thing for tennis balls. Laszlo, as you might have guessed, also has plenty of energy to go around.

Now to the good stuff.

WishiniwasFISHIN was the first to hit on a caption that many others later took inspiration from:
“Do I have something in my teeth?”

RES1956 made us laugh with this one:
“It takes balls to do this”

Fruyguy101 was quick to post a caption that hit on a popular theme:
“Now I’m going to teach you how to juggle…”

Dcast took honorable mention with a stroke of simplistic brilliance:

But in the end, rynodaug took the top prize for his creative laugher:
“John McenRover”

Congrats to all. And thanks for the great participation. Rynodaug, send me your shipping address at and I’ll get the goods mailed to you. We’ll have more great free stuff to give away soon.

–David DiBenedetto