Remember this story about nonresident hunters in Iowa trying to obtain resident status? Well cheaters, in the never-ending chess match between the law and the lawbreakers, the state of Iowa is one step ahead of you, for now…

From this story in the Chicago Tribune:
_Iowa officials say any Iowa residents who has hunted, fished or trapped in the state previously with a nonresident license will have to plan ahead to be able to get residential license privileges.
_That’s because the state’s electronic licensing system for hunting, fishing and trapping now automatically identifies people who have previously gotten licenses as nonresidents. It’s an effort by the state to identify the growing problem of nonresidents falsifying records to illegally obtain resident licenses.

Current residents should have information available so necessary changes to resident status can be made. Also hunters, fishermen and trappers who are eligible for resident licenses but previously had nonresident licenses need to fill out and return a form. The form is available on the Iowa Department of Natural Resource website._

Your thoughts?