Since Field & is apparently now a music site, as well as an outdoor site, I’ll add my two cents. On this day last year, I cooked a birthday dinner with eight women in attendance. While eight women does sound like a pretty good present to me, unfortunately it wasn’t my birthday, it was T. Rebel’s. So, I just cooked the dinner (elk three ways, mac n’cheese and a Caesar salad) and left the house to have a beer and burger at the Hangar Bar.

I did leave the girls with a playlist for their dining enjoyment. T. Rebel has eclectic musical tastes with alt/outlaw country at the center of it all, so the playlist weighed heavily in that arena, with some other fun stuff mixed in. The list is 42 songs and nearly three hours long, so I’ll just give you a Top 10 of sorts, in no particular order:

Tangled Up Roses – Shooter Jennings
50 Dollars and Flask of Crown – Bleu Edmonson
Alabama – Cross Canadian Ragweed
Anodyne – Uncle Tupelo
Beer – Cory Morrow
Cowboy Song – Bonepony
Gravity’s Gone – Drive-By Truckers
Jackson Hole – Kasey Chambers
Love – Roger Creager
Malaguena Salerosa – Chingon

If T. Rebel is a little bit country, I’m a little bit rock and roll. So before the ladies arrived, I had it turned up to 11 with some rock, including Foo Fighters, The Donnas, Monster Magnet, The Killers, Rise Against and The Black Crowes. Some spatula air guitar and wooden spoon drum solos were definitely in my repertoire that night.

How about you? Do you jam when you cook? Or is classical your culinary bag? What do you dig when you’re dining?