By David DiBenedetto

This weekend, Pritch and I will be taking part in a three-day flushing dog seminar at Rock ‘n Creek Kennels in St. Matthews, SC. Those who of you who have followed this blog know that I’ve spent the better part of two years working on Pritch’s retrieving skills for doves and ducks. And while I’m pretty happy with the results, I’m still curious about her upland potential. (The one time I set her loose in quail territory–shown here in the photo–she seemed to fall right into a proper rhythm.)

She’s a spaniel, after all–a natural born flusher. And I can tell you that she’s never more happy than when she’s running a field with her nose to the ground, zigging and zagging on the scent of who-knows-what. And while I often heard that you should never mix disciplines while training a young dog, I think my pup is ready for it.

Thankfully the seminar welcomes rank beginners, as Pritch inherently knows more than I do when it comes to upland hunting. And I’m looking forward to spending three days in the field with my pup under the tutelage of two fine trainers, Ray Cacchio and Fred Bradley. We’ll be back with a full report next Monday.

As always, I’m curious if you take your dog after both waterfowl and upland game?