For all you out there who can’t hunt without a dip, chew or plug, Mud Jug has released new portable spittoons for the hunter. They come in two Realtree patterns and a blaze orange model to replace those empty cups or bottles. Seriously, who hasn’t taken…or almost taken…a sip from the wrong bottle?

Since attending last year’s Shot Show in Las Vegas, Mud Jug owner Darcy Compton, realized how huge the ‘outdoorsman’ market is for his product. This is when Compton decided to add hunting camouflage designs to his bi-monthly release of new, limited edition Mud Jugs. “Nothing goes better with hunting than a big dip of smokeless tobacco and a Limited Edition Mud Jug” says Compton.
_With the latest edition of licensed, authentic, Realtree Camouflage Mud Jugs, Compton is aiming to attract bow and rifle hunters. Whether it is hunting big game such as deer, elk, moose, bear or wild boar, the Hardwoods Blaze Orange Mud Jug is a common choice. Say goodbye to nasty spit cups and spit bottles. Now spit in style and not worry about spilling or drinking from the wrong cup.