From this story in the Lincoln Journal Star:
_While much, perhaps thankfully, remains left to the imagination, this much is certain: A woman reported to police that she saw two men in a pickup “cleaning a deer in a car wash” Saturday morning. At 10:45 a.m., hours after the start of the November firearm season, Mikayla Tubbs was driving by the Air Park Laundromat & Car Wash, 2911 N.W. 48th St., when she saw two guys, a pickup truck, a dead deer and a mess. Tubbs, 19, said she was on the way to work when she passed the car wash and saw two men in camouflage. A dead deer was in the back of the pickup. “It was not like they were washing the truck,” Tubbs said. “They were actually skinning the deer or something.”

__An officer who went to the car wash reported seeing evidence of such an occurrence on the floor of the car wash and near a drain. But the men, truck and deer were gone. Tubbs was unable to give police a license plate number of the truck or a detailed description of the two men. Though it was the first day of hunting season, it’s not known how the deer died. Whether the men were field dressing it, cleaning the deer’s body cavity or something else remains unknown, too. Regardless of what was being done with the deer carcass at the car wash, “We certainly wouldn’t recommend it as a sanitary practice,” said Steven Beal, assistant health director with the City of Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department._

Seriously? In a car wash? You do know the rinse water comes out the same nozzle as the soap, the wax, the tire cleaner and the engine cleaner, right? And that’s assuming they were smart enough to make sure the knob was actually turned to rinse. If not, I’d like to be a fly on the wall when they took their first bite of that venison…