If for some inexplicable reason you find yourself with the urge to illegally shoot an African elephant, according to this AP story, you might want to steer clear of Kenya…

The Kenya Wildlife Service says their agents killed two suspected poachers who they found shooting at a herd of elephants in one of the country’s famous national parks. This brings the number of poachers shot dead by agents of the wildlife service to five, the highest killed in a month. The wildlife service said Friday that its rangers gunned down the suspected bandits Thursday night at Amboseli National Park, a key sanctuary for animals in southwestern Kenya. Three others escaped with injuries, KWS said in a statement. The gang is suspected of being involved in the killing of two elephants in the same area three weeks ago. Poachers target elephants for their ivory tusks, which are often smuggled to Asia.

Now that’s what I call a zero-tolerance policy.