Are you completely Nuged out? Sick and tired of hearing about it? Begging and pleading for Nugentgate to… Just. Go. Away? Please?

I know I am, but hey, we don’t make the news, we just pass it along, and it seems that at least one state has definitely said that, per the requirements of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact, Ted Nugent won’t be doing any hunting within its borders.

From this story in the Wichita Eagle:
Rocker Ted Nugent won’t be hunting in Kansas this fall, said Kevin Jones, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks law enforcement chief. Nugent has bowhunted in Kansas several years and has an archery deer permit for the current season. Nugent is a outdoor television show host, outspoken supporter for hunting and firearms ownership rights and a spokesman for Great Bend-based Magnus Archery. When convicted of hunting deer illegally in California Nugent lost his ability to hunt there through June, 2012. A television program showed Nugent using bait on a hunt for blacktail deer. Baiting for deer is illegal in California.
_Kansas and California are part of a wildlife law enforcement compact of about 35 states. Usually when hunting or fishing privileges are revoked in one state the others also enforce the ban within their borders, Jones said. Nugent may be facing more problems after recently hunting for pheasants in South Dakota. It, too, is a compact state and is investigating the incident. Jones said most midwestern and Rocky Mountain states are compact members. Nebraska and several New England states are not. Texas recently joined the compact but did so after Nugent’s conviction. That means he’ll probably be able to legally hunt in Texas, where he films many of his television hunting shows. Jones said Kansas’ electronic license system will not permit Nugent to purchase a hunting license online or over-the-counter.

Once again, your reaction? Does this put the matter to rest?