A university professor’s prop musket set off a “gunman on the loose” scare at a St. Louis college.

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_A professor bringing a musket to class as a prop for a classroom lesson inadvertently caused a brief scare at a university in St. Louis when a passing student mistook the rifle and called police to report a gunman on campus. Tuesday’s campus-wide alert at the University of Missouri-St. Louis lasted about 10 minutes before campus police ferreted out at that the worry was for naught. A spokesman for the university says a history professor who teaches western civilization at the school brought an antique long rifle to campus, much like he does once a semester while dressed up in fur trader attire for a re-enactment in his class. After a student reported a gunman on campus, an alert system that was activated sent electronic messages to students telling them to avoid Lucas Hall. The university quickly canceled the alert after realizing the mix-up.
This must be a fairly common occurrence, as it actually happened to me back in 1995 on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. A large group of us students were trapped in a building for three hours as the campus SWAT team combed the area for a well-dressed, scholarly-looking gunman armed with a …Civil War musket. You guessed it, it was a history professor. Anyone else have tales of campus mix-ups involving ancient weaponry, hysterics and the pursuit of higher education?