Proving the wisdom of the old adage about there being no bad publicity, a “controversial” (at least to one irate dude) coyote hunt school fundraiser went ahead as planned — with double the number of teams from last year.

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A coyote hunt around Grady that raised the ire of a resident went on over the weekend as scheduled. A ranching family stepped in to sponsor the annual hunt after Grady newcomer Cliff Sagnotty questioned whether the public school district should sponsor a hunting event. The district has used the event in the last several years to raise money for girls’ athletics. Sagnotty’s concern also brought publicity.
_Coyote conservation groups criticized the hunt, contending hunting coyotes is cruel and ineffective at controlling their population. But Grady athletic director Alicia Rush says she was inundated with support. Eighteen teams signed up this year, compared with about nine last year. Organizers would not estimate how much the hunt made this year, but say it’s on track to raise more than before.

In related news, the Grady public schools athletic department needs some new equipment and has therefore asked Mr. Sagnotty to please protest next year’s hunt as well…