The ultimate trail cam, coming soon to a retailer near you, just as soon as engineers can figure out how to strap the 570-megapixel camera to a tree…

From this story on Wired Science:
The world’s largest dark energy-hunting device, also one of the biggest, heaviest and highest-resolution cameras in the world, is close to completion. Construction of the 4-ton Dark Energy Camera is wrapping up next month at Fermilab in Illinois, where it’s being tested on a mock-up telescope mount.

The Dark Energy Survey hopes to open its $35 million camera for business at its final destination, in the Blanco telescope atop a Chilean mountain, by October 2012. There, it will scan deep space for signs of dark energy, an invisible force that’s pulling galaxies — and perhaps space itself — apart at faster and faster speeds. “We’re going to survey 300 million galaxies in the southern sky to measure the speed of those galaxies,” said Tom Diehl, a physicist at Fermilab and a camera-construction leader. “We want to make the best description of the universe’s expansion to date.”