I love to deer hunt, but with all this talk of the rut on I’m not sure if the deer or my fellow editors are running around with swollen necks.


For many of us gun doggers, bird season is open. Tomorrow, Pritch and I will be hunting rails (aka marsh hens) in the Lowcountry, and in two weeks we’ll be in the wood duck swamp for the season opener in South Carolina.

But there’s plenty of activity happening now. Early dove season in the South was hot–in terms of temperature and action. In Montana, I’m told, the pheasants have been thick the past few weeks. And I received a great report from Man’s Best Friend regular, Kelmitch, who spent an October day afield in New York with his U. K. Springer, Magnum. Their take included two pheasants and a ruffed grouse. (That’s the two of them in the above photo.) Kelmitch has been working hard with Magnum, and it shows.

I’d love to hear more about your action in the field. In the comments section below tell us how your bird season is going. And don’t forget to include relevant dog information. If you have photos send them to If I get enough pics I’ll do my best to post them all here.

Get out there. It’s our time of year.