Are you an ex-deer hunter? Have you, for whatever reason, hung up your gun and parked your rear in a recliner? Well, if you live in Virginia, the state wants you back in the woods, and they’re sending you a reminder about it.

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Michael Jordan came out of retirement. So did Brett Favre. Now, Virginia wants some of its former hunters to get back in the game — just in time for deer hunting season. The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries is sending postcards to former hunting license holders, encouraging them to dust off their old shotguns and head back into the woods. The hunting drive comes as Virginia’s main deer season approaches. The gun season opens this Saturday.
_Hunters typically kill about 250,000 deer a year in the commonwealth. But it’s not all about thinning the deer population, which currently stands at about 1 million in the state. The department said last hunting season more than 400,000 pounds of venison were distributed throughout the state’s food banks through it’s Hunters for the Hungry program. If you’re wondering, one deer equals about 50 pounds of meat. And the VDGIF likes to point out that that meat is organic and free-range.