Hunting Dogs photo

My gal, Pritch, is a ravenous eater. In fact, I raised her bowl off of the floor so she’d slow down a bit, but she can still chow down. And usually, about 60 seconds after inhaling her meal, as she’s sniffing the kitchen floor for additional crumbs, she let’s out a burp that would put a beer guzzler to shame.

It ain’t ladylike, but it’s my pup. (For the record, this photo is not taken mid-burp but rather mid-yawn. Still, you get the point.) She’s a burping machine.

Pritch has also developed a knack for digging up pecans that the neighborhood squirrels have hidden for winter and even some from winters’ past. I’m not sure if she does it too piss off the squirrels or because they leave their scent behind when they bury the nuts, but Pritch loves nothing more that to unearth a dirt-covered pecan and deposit it by the door. Since pecans can cause intestinal blockages when swallowed whole I’ve done all I can to squash this habit, but to this point Pritch has no interest in actually eating the pecans just finding them.

I’ve had dogs with weird habits before. My yellow Lab would take himself to the vet, weekly. And a mutt, Flap Jack, that would only let those who fed him pet him…briefly. It’s all part of every dog’s different personality, one you can quite judge when their wee pups. As always, I’m curious if your dog has any strange habits you’d like to tell us about.