Ever wondered what happens to roadkill after it’s picked up? Neither have I, but it apparently goes somewhere, and according to this story on (Green Bay, WI), it ‘aint pretty…

_Hunters say they never expected to come across such a gruesome sight in the Navarino Wildlife Area. Dozens of dead animals and fish are what C.J. Lyse found while he was hunting deer in the Navarino Wildlife Area this weekend. But the way he found them…along with dozen’s of other animals…was not what he expected. “They’ve got gun shot wounds, I mean they got holes in them, they’ve been skinned, they’ve got clear knife blade cuts…It’s just horrifying…you can count twelve different species out here,” he says. Other hunters are also outraged at seeing the carcasses of a young bear, fish, a fox and a pile of headless deer. “It makes my blood boil,” says hunter Bryan Meyer.
_”I can understand why somebody happening upon that area might think something like that,” says DNR conservation warden Mark Schraufnagel. He says they use the site as a dumping ground for road kill and animals from poaching cases the DNR says they can’t salvage. “We run out of freezer space and we have to place them somewhere, so we put them out there in that one area…we’d rather not put them in a bunch of different places where people are going to come across them, so we designate that one area out there for that.”

Hunters say it’s not something they want to see left in the open. “They certainly should do something, but it looks like a lot of these carcasses have been here quite awhile already,” says hunter George Wilm.

The DNR says the site is perfectly legal and they put it in a place where as few people as possible will find it and they say they will consider burying the animal carcasses in the future._

Do you think the DNR’s stance is correct? How would you react if you came upon a similar scene?