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Authorities in Tennessee have arrested three men in one of the biggest and most egregious poaching cases in the state’s history.

From this story in the Tennessean:
In “one of the biggest” poaching cases Tennessee has ever seen, three Stewart County men face federal charges they illegally hunted down “hundreds” of big-game deer on Fort Campbell. Curtis Wallace, 45, and Jim Edward Page, 43, both of Dover, and Wendell Taylor, 43, of Big Rock, have been charged with several federal poaching-related charges.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Officer Jereme Odom said Wednesday that TWRA will hold a press conference Friday to display the trophy deer ˜ “lots of deer that are massive deer” ˜ and all other seized property, including vehicles, rifles and other hunting equipment. The men were taken into custody Nov. 26 in the rear area of Fort Campbell near Angels Road and adjacent to Range 25, a small-arms impact area. The federal charges can be changed and consolidated under the Lacey Act, which governs the taking and transport of wildlife, Fort Campbell spokeswoman Kelly Dewitt said. Odom said a fourth man also will be charged, and complete charges for all four have not yet been released.