Hunting Conservation photo

As part of her “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” TLC reality (or unreality, depending on your point of view) show, Sarah Palin went caribou hunting recently, and unfortunately for her, the cameras were rolling. From this story on Politico:

_Gun shy? Vegetarian? Then Sunday night’s episode of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” was definitely not for you. Before the hour-long show kicked off, TLC flashed a warning message about program material that “may be disturbing to some viewers.” It came on again halfway through the show before a bloody caribou carcass took center stage. It was a rarity for a reality show that is endlessly touted as family-friendly. But the warning was needed: Some kids, regardless of their parents’ political stripes, might feel pretty queasy at the site of a caribou being shot and cut apart. If you haven’t already guessed, the fourth installment of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” was all about hunting. Sarah, her dad Chuck Heath and their friend Becker headed north of the Arctic Circle for a two-day caribou-hunting trip.
_”…it proved fortuitous that she had her friend Becker, too. With a caribou in range, Sarah took about five shots with two of her father’s guns and missed.

“You shot high,” her father concluded before Sarah tried Becker’s gun. Sarah shot the caribou on her first attempt with the third gun, prompting an excited “There you go baby, there you go,” from Becker (who had already killed one caribou on the trip). After Sarah posed with her kill for the camera, the Palins and Becker got out their knives and packed up the caribou to take home to Wasilla. But before they could head home, Sarah’s father tested his guns on a target to make sure they were really off. A few shots and missed targets later, he decided they were, and that Sarah was a good shot after all.”_

Reaction? You think those guns were really “shooting high” or does a certain “Mama Grizzly” need to spend more time at the range and less time on Fox News?