By David E. Petzal

On December 20 and 21, when normal people were watching their kids wet themselves in mall Santas’ laps, I was out in 20-degree weather (with winds gusting to 30 mph) testing a new range-compensating system from Leupold.

It’s called the CDS, and is just the ticket if you wish to join the ravening hordes who want to shoot at long range. CDS works with the Leupold VX-3 series scopes, and gives you these advantages:

– You get to use a normal-sized scope.
– Look ma, no batteries!
– It adjusts in 10-yard increments, unlike most systems, which adjust in 50-yard increments.
-The range compensation works at any power setting, not just one.
– It’s extremely simple.
– It works.

But here’s the catch: Leupold has a special offer in connection with the CDS that saves you $100, but it’s good only until December 31. So put down the eggnog, which you don’t like anyway, and click on VX-3 CDS Promotion.

Trust me, this one is worth it. Full details to follow. Merry Christmas. And as Tiny Tim said, “God help us. God help us every one.”