The town of Church Hill in Tennessee is so fed up with damage caused by deer, a committee has been formed to discuss changing a local ordinance that prevents the shooting of firearms or bows within city limits.

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_With damage caused by deer on the rise in Church Hill, Mayor Dennis Deal formed a committee last week to address if, and how, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen should address local hunting.

Church Hill has an ordinance prohibiting the shooting of firearms or bows within the city limits.

Board members learned during Tuesday’s BMA meeting, however, that the state’s hunting laws are at odds with that ordinance.
_At the request of Alderman Bill Killen, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Officer Chris Seay spoke to the board Tuesday about issuing the city a deer damage hunting permit and the legality of private citizens hunting within the city limits.

Seay also brought the BMA a copy of a Tennessee attorney general’s opinion that says the state law allowing hunting in Tennessee under appropriate circumstances supersedes local ordinances._