Forty-seven-year-old Richard LeGrand of Fairfield County, SC went deer hunting last Monday…and didn’t come back.

On Tuesday, his worried father reported him missing and authorities organized search teams to comb the woods. On Thursday, WLTX News reported: “With every passing hour, officials say the chance of finding a missing hunter alive gets less likely. But the man’s loved ones continue to hope and pray he’s found alive. . .It’s an agonizing wait for [them] as search teams spent their fourth day looking for her friend…”

All the while, LeGrand was kicking back in the nearby vacation home he broke into, apparently watching TV while rescue teams currycombed the woods only a mile or two away. When authorities finally tracked him down, LeGrand refused to come out–until the tear gas took effect.

Here’s the latest video report from WISTV News.