An Ohio deer hunter shot and killed a 225-pound black bear that he says charged him while he was hunting on the opening day of gun season. Though he hasn’t been charged, it’s being treated as a criminal act until his story is sorted out, according to

_A Massillon deer hunter killed a 225-pound male black bear that reportedly charged him while he was hunting on Monday afternoon in the Cadiz area of Harrison County, east of Clendening Reservoir. It was opening day of Ohio’s deer gun season.

“The hunter notified the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office right away, and they called in the Ohio Division of Wildlife,” said district law enforcement supervisor Tom Rowan. “We are still investigating the incident, and can’t release the name of the hunter.”

Bears are protected in Ohio.
_Rowan said investigators have yet to get a complete statement from the hunter, and may not do an extensive interview with him until next week. He has not been charged with shooting the bear.

“We have to treat this as a criminal act because shooting a bear violates Ohio’s wildlife code,” said Rowan.

According to sketchy reports from wildlife officials, the hunter had told officers the bear had charged him and he shot it in self-defense. The bear was shot once in the head at close range with a rifled slug from a 12-gauge shotgun. It is the typical firearm and ammunition used for hunting white-tailed deer during the gun season, which runs through Sunday and returns Dec. 18-19.

Wildlife officers examined the bear in the woods on Monday afternoon. After trying to drag out the heavy animal, officers called in an all-terrain vehicle to transport the carcass from the woods. A necropsy of the bear was done on Tuesday._