In response to an outcry from gundog owners and trainers the state of Oregon has backed off on plans to enact strict (many would say stupid) new regulations on using pen-raised birds for training.

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_After hearing concerns from hunting dog trainers and other members of the public, ODFW will take additional time before taking proposed hunting dog and raptor training rules to the Commission for consideration. ODFW will form an advisory group representing interested stakeholders to consider the proposed rules and develop alternatives that address biological and legal concerns. “Right now, a significant portion of hunting dog training and field trial activities going on in Oregon is probably in violation of state rule and statute,” said Roy Elicker, director, ODFW. “I want the advisory group to work together on a proposed rule package that remedies this situation. It should give hunting dog and raptor trainers and field trial organizers a lawful way to conduct their business and activities while not unreasonably impacting wildlife in their habitats.”

__ODFW hosted seven public meetings in December to gather input on the proposed rules. Any rule changes need to be adopted by the Fish and Wildlife Commission, the policy-making body for fish and wildlife issues in the state. ODFW staff had originally intended to bring proposed rules before the Commission at the Feb. 4, 2011 meeting, but this will be deferred so that the advisory group has a chance to meet and develop proposals for the Commission’s consideration._