Here are a few other blogs that you will find worth ogling.

First is, run by Tom McIntyre, a hunter of worldwide experience, a writer of note, and the only person I know who has as much obscure, useless information in his head as I do. Tom goes into guns, hunting, conservation, the outdoors generally, and provides links to other odd websites. Anyone who refers to our 39th president as “the hideous Jimmy Carter” obviously has something worthwhile to say. is an extremely well organized website aimed mainly at competition shooters. There is precious little on hunting but it contains scads of useful material for any serious rifle shooter. Lots of great stuff on gun components, handloading, gunsmiths, cartridges, etc. You can get lost in the thing for hours.

Chris Chivers is a senior reporter for The New York Times, but in the early 90s he was an infantry captain in the United States Marines, and he knows incoming from outgoing. Chivers holds a Putlizer Prize and a National Magazine Award for reporting. His blog,, tells you what’s actually going on in the Sandbox, with a heavy emphasis on the weaponry involved.

He is also the author of The Gun, which is the definitive history of the Kalashnikov (and a lot else).