A group of wheelchair-bound California hunters recently got the chance to go pheasant hunting thanks to a state program.


From this story in the Fresno Bee:

_Craig Garrett enjoys the reaction he always gets after telling people he recently bagged a deer. That in itself doesn’t make Garrett any different from thousands of other California hunters who do the same every year.

Except for one thing: Garrett is in a wheelchair. Has been his entire life.
“I’ll hunt anything that’s legal,” Garrett says. Hunting and wheelchairs wouldn’t seem like a great mix, but they were Saturday on an alfalfa field loaded with planted pheasants about eight miles southwest of Chowchilla.

_That’s where 10 mobility-impaired hunters from across the state, plus some 35 volunteers and Department of Fish and Game personnel, gathered to help blend this seemingly odd combination.

Because hunters in wheelchairs can’t get far without some help, each gets a support crew: a hunting dog for pointing and flushing the birds; a handler for controlling the dog; and a “pusher” (including members of the Chowchilla High football team) to provide locomotion across the bumpy field._