This reminder from the Duluth News Tribune for Minnesota hunters and trappers to don their blaze orange is a good one for everyone heading into the woods now that firearms seasons are well underway across the country. You can check with your state DNR for specific regulations, but being seen and not getting shot is never a bad thing.

A reminder to Minnesota hunters and trappers: The Minnesota muzzleloader deer season opened Saturday and continues through Dec. 12. Small-game hunters and trappers who are in the woods during muzzleloader season must meet the same requirements as deer hunters. Namely, the visible portion of your cap and outer clothing above the waist, excluding sleeves and gloves, must be blaze orange. Blaze orange may include a camouflage pattern of at lest 50 percent blaze orange within each square foot.
_Minnesota’s pine marten, fisher and bobcat trapping seasons opened Saturday. Fisher and pine marten season continues through Dec. 5. Bobcat season continues through Jan. 9.