Should Michigan institute a moose season? Some scientists say the population isn’t big enough.


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_A group of scientists is mounting a last-ditch campaign to defeat legislation that could lead to moose hunting in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

The effort is led by moose expert Rolf Peterson of Michigan Tech University. He sent a letter to Gov. Jennifer Granholm on Monday urging her to veto the bill, which cleared the Legislature this month.

Eight other biologists signed the letter, and Peterson told The Associated Press he’s collecting more signatures.
_But it may be too late. A spokeswoman said Granholm has not signed the bill yet but plans to do so.

The measure would establish a council that would conduct a one-year study and recommend whether to establish a moose hunt.

State biologists believe about 500 moose roam the Upper Peninsula.
Your thoughts? Is 500 animals enough to have even a limited hunting season?