by Dave Hurteau

I know. You’ve been wondering, When is Hurteau going to post the next buck-scoring contest? Well it’s not as easy as you may think. First, I have to wait for Bestul and his friends to kill some decent bucks, which between you and me can seem like an eternity. Sure I could post a few of the monsters I’ve taken so far this season, but…you know (picture me sheepishly inspecting my fingernails). Plus these contests require a mountain of logistics, which are tough to nail down between morning and evening hunts.

Anyway, it occurred to me today that the best archery target I have used is Rinehart’s RhinoBlock. I say this not because Rinehart agreed to provide one as a prize for this contest, but because it’s true, and after reflecting on the truth, I called Rinehart (about 10 minutes ago) and asked them if they would give a target to the winner. And they said yes.


So, if you want to win a brand new RhinoBlock target, you can begin by guessing the gross B&C score of Bestul’s buck above, which he arrowed when I hunted with him in southeastern Minnesota earlier this fall. If you’ve been paying attention, you may have already seen this buck (link below), but we never hinted at its score.

So again, here’s how the contest works. I will post a picture of a buck once a week for one month. You will guess the gross B&C score of each and keep track of your guesses. Fractionals will count. When I post the last buck, I’ll ask you for your grand total. Whoever is closest wins the target. If there’s a tie, we will have a tiebreaker buck. I’ll again point out that none of these bucks have official B&C scores. The hunters will be scoring their deer themselves, and you’ll just have to trust them.

Okay, go for it. What does this buck gross?