Children with life-threatening illnesses get to experience the hunt of a lifetime in Larned, Kansas.


From this story in the Wichita Eagle:
With two heart transplants and ongoing coronary artery problems, 11-year-old Matthew Billy has spent most of his life watching other kids play baseball. Friday, the boy from Wister, Okla., hit the hunting world’s version of a grand slam when he shot a magnificent 12-point buck. He got his chance thanks to a small Kansas town with a huge heart. Matthew and Nicholas Santonastasso were the guests at Larned’s 10th annual Life Hunt, a deer hunt for children with life-threatening illnesses. The hunt offers guided trips with all expenses paid ˜ and ample small-town hospitality.
_”I can’t even call it a dream hunt because it’s so far past anything we ever dreamed about for Nicholas,” Michael Santonastasso said about his son. “It’s a thrill just to know there are people out there that care. All they ask is to see the excitement on that child’s face.” Nicholas, a 14-year-old from Bayville, N.J., was born without legs and has one finger on his only arm. Friday morning, he shot a heavy-horned nine-point buck with a thick body. With a huge smile the boy repeatedly said, “He’s so big, he’s so big,” as he touched the antlers.