I did pretty well this year, but by far best gift I got was this Hunter Dan Hanson Buck action figure, an eight-inch-tall replica of the B&C world-record typical whitetail.

The fact that I had to give it to myself really didn’t take away from the magic at all. Truth is, the reason I didn’t post a blog yesterday is that after the hubbub of the holiday, I needed to take a day for some serious one-on-one play time with the Hanson Buck. So I apologize for that–but had I not done so, I couldn’t now present you with this stunning diorama photo. Enjoy!


(Having been discontinued, by the way, the Hanson Buck is becoming increasingly rare and hard to find. I got mine at

Okay, enough about what I got for Christmas. What’d you get? Seriously, if you got or gave something deer related and even half as cool as my Hanson Buck, let’s hear about it.