The state of South Carolina wants to put some limits on deer hunting in response to a decrease in the size of the state’s herd.

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The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wants to put a limit on the number of deer South Carolina hunters can kill each year. The population of deer in the state has dropped from about 1 million to 750,000. There are currently no limits on the number of bucks that you can kill within your limit of deer for the season, except for some parts of Upstate.
_DNR will have to ask state lawmakers to consider the limitations when they meet in January. Many hunters, though, think the limitations are a good idea. Shane Fanning, Orangeburg, SC: “Upper states in the country…they have quality deer management, they have a lot of people coming in their state to hunt and people pay big bucks for that, so I think it’s a great idea.” Many hunters also hope the limitations would help regulate male to female ratio and deer management in the state.

Your thoughts? Anything similar happening in your state?