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by David Maccar

You may remember a couple months ago we reviewed two items from a new line of survival knives designed by TV host and survivalist Bear Grylls and Gerber Legendary Blades. Now, another of TV’s famous survivalists will release a blade bearing his own signature touches.

Les Stroud, of “Survivorman” fame, has joined forces with the Norwegian knife company, Helle, to create “The Temagami – A knife you can actually use in the wilderness.”

According to a press release from the company, Stroud once found a Helle knife on the forest floor while trekking the Temagami Canadian wilderness. Getting a hint as to where the name came from?

Apparently it was “the best knife Stroud would ever use,” and he did so for several years until the wilderness reclaimed it.

From the release:
_Years later, Helle became interested in Stroud as Survivorman, attracted to his philosophies, his values, and way of thinking. Helle approached Stroud to design a new knife – a knife that could be used by true outdoor enthusiasts seeking the real thing: a natural way of life. When Stroud told the story from Temagami and realized the knife he found in the forest was actually a Helle knife, a rare opportunity for partnership was forged.
_Helle is proud to present the new knife designed by Les Stroud and produced by the dedicated and highly skilled craftsmen at Helle in Holmedal. Forged from the fires of integrity and an unwillingness to compromise beliefs, Les Stroud has given this new knife its name…and of course, it is called The Temagami.
Photos of the new design have yet to be released, but if the photo below is of a real planning session as it appears to be, we can take some guesses at what the knife will look like. From the drawings in front of Stroud, the knife looks have a classic drop-point blade like many of Helle’s knives, with a shaped wood handle, a simple forward guard and possibly a metal pommel and spacers.


There are also some leather sheath templates hanging out on the table and a red-handled firesteel and striker, so the Temagami may have a leather sheath with some survival toys in store.

Well, I won’t go and speculate off promotional photos any further. We’ll bring you some photos and specs as soon as they are available.

In the meantime, What do you think? What do you hope to see from a Les Stroud/Helle collaboration?