You might have heard of Jim Harrison. You’ve probably read one of his stories in Field & Stream and you’ve most likely seen the movie adapted from one of his novels (Legends of the Fall, anyone?).

But you might not know he’s also a food writer of some note. Better known for his fiction, which in my opinion is some of the best writing in the last 30 years, Harrison wrote a food and wine column for Esquire magazine, anthologized in the book The Raw and The Cooked. If you haven’t read any of Harrison’s food writing, I encourage to pick up a copy of it from your local, independent bookseller.

I hesitate to call Harrison a foodie because I feel he’d probably hate the term, but Harrison was an educated eater before being one was cool. His work inspires not only my eating, but also my writing. His appetite is legendary among literary circles and a mutual friend once told me a dinner with Jim was an education in eating. I can only dream of sharing the table with him, but in the meantime, I try to read and research everything Harrison, including this great clip from “No Reservations” on the Travel Channel where Harrison recounts some famous meals of his lifetime.