An apparent instance of matricide in the Ohio hunting town of Big Prarie has sparked a debate over whether children should have access to firearms.

From this Associated Press story via
_A 10-year-old boy who kept guns in his Ohio bedroom and now is accused of killing his mother has stirred up debate over whether children should have access to weapons. Authorities say the boy picked up a rifle and shot 46-year-old Deborah McVay after an argument over chores.

The boy’s age has exposed the divide between rural and urban in a nation where 80 million people are registered gun owners._

_Children in northeast Ohio’s Big Prairie learn to fire guns as easily as they would learn to ride a bicycle. Residents say guns are a part of life and McVay’s death was a parenting issue.

Psychologists caution that a 10-year-old can’t comprehend the long-term consequences of using a gun to harm another person._

So what do you think? Is a 10-year-old emotionally mature enough to understand the consequences of using a firearm, or is it like the psychologists say? Does this have less to do with young hunters having access to firearms and more to do with an obviously abnormal home life?