_by Dave Hurteau



And we have a winner.

But first let me again shower you with compliments. (I hate to do it, but it’s important to our advertisers that you keep coming back.) For the second time since I started these things, an astounding 20 percent of contestants guessed within roughly 5 inches of the actual total gross score of our four bucks. Think about that for a second. Now think about how easy it is be to 5 inches off any single buck. Also, it has to be said that mwmrtn is a buck-scoring freak. For three constests in a row now, he has been within 5 inches of the actual total score–well within, including one stint as a finalist (tied for best overall guess.)

Now to the bucks:

Buck #1, Bestul’s squeaky clean 10-pointer, grosses 139 4/8. Buck #2, Jim Meader’s fine NY bow buck, goes 132 7/8. Buck #3, Mark Stimets’ beef-bodied Minnesota buck, tallies 133 6/8. And Buck #4, Gabe Mierau’s tremendous youth-season buck, grosses 166 3/8.

The total gross B&C score for all four is therefore 572 4/8–which means that the new Rinehart RhinoBlock Archery Target goes to… zdudley, who guessed it right on the nose (even if he did express the fraction incorrectly, which as I’ve said before, does not count against him). If you’re wondering who to feel badly for, it’s shadillac, who was a mere 1/8th of an inch off and who I’m sure will feel a lot better if you all point out in comment section how narrowly he missed not winding up with nothing.

Well done zdudley. Enjoy the target. I’ll be contacting you soon.