One of the highlights of waterfowl hunting (or waterfowl hunting done right anyway) is a hearty breakfast cooked up in the blind. It’s been 20 years, at least, since I’ve had one of my Dad’s bacon-and-egg sandwiches, yet I can still conjure the contrasting textures of squishy white bread and crunchy bacon. The egg yolk would mix with yellow mustard to create a taste unequaled in any “haute cuisine” kitchen.


I was reminded of Dad’s delicacy recently while hunting out of yet another buried metal tank, this one at Lemyerle Farms just across the river from Cape Girardeau, Mo. This recycled oil tank had no stove and we were after ducks, not geese, but when our hosts delivered a bag full of egg sandwiches via a muddy 4-wheeler, it may as well have been 1979.

For the past few years, I’ve traded the comfort, convenience, and cuisine of a heated goose pit for the mobility and muddiness of a layout blind. While I’ve had more success hunting than I ever did as a kid, the closest thing to a blind breakfast is a stale granola bar and maybe a chunk of chewy goose jerky. As much as I love killing geese, I sure do miss those sandwiches.

How about you? What’s your favorite breakfast in the blind?