_by Dave Hurteau

_ This is it, people–the final chance to parade your scoring skills and win a brand- new Rinehart RhinoBlock archery target. All you have to do is take a close look at this big, tall 10-pointer taken by 10-year-old Gabe Mierau during Minnesota’s October Youth Season and guess it’s gross B&C score. Then add it to your guesses for the first three bucks (linked below), and post your grand total in the comment section below. {“type”:”media”,”view_


Remember, fractionals count. Whoever’s grand total is closest to that of the four bucks’ actual gross scores (which I will post next week) wins the target. If there’s a tie, I will post another buck for the finalists to guess at.

So, the four bucks you should include in your grand-total guess are the one pictured above and these three:
Buck #1
Buck #2
Buck #3

Only your first guess counts (unless it’s an obvious typo or such). And as always, if you win and we find out that you are a friend or family member of one of the hunters shown or you are affiliated with Rinehart Targets, then we are going to drive to your house, smack you in your head, and take the target back.

Okay, go for it–and good luck.