by Dave Hurteau

I’m not sure who has the short end of the stick here: me, who has had to sort through 460-some captions to choose the best, or you, whose odds of winning the Knight & Hale Pack Rack Rattling System rests on my sense of humor.

Yeah…you’ve probably got it worse.

Still it has been a painful process eliminating so many good ones to arrive at the following top twelve (Lunkerbuster, if the deer in the picture were clearly a buck, “I knew they were rutting but this is ridiculous,” would have been right up there.)

1. How to tell when a Midwesterner has a DUI. –wignoz
2. What kids take to show and tell in the rural Midwest. -mad_dog9999
3. “Next week, I fill the Moose Tag!!” -Warmil
4. Da road commission budget cuts in da U.P. have taken their toll on road kill cleanup. -dagoodguy
5. “Now THAT was a bachelor party!” -guyandarifle
6. Some people will try anything to drive in the carpool lane. -dteamcapt_777
7. “A couple more miles Betsey, then we switch.” -jgulla7854
8. Toivo participates the 3rd and final leg of the Yooper Ironman Competition. This was proceeded by stage 1 (swimming the Escanaba River in wool hunting gear and Sorel boots) and stage 2 (backpacking 6 cases of Pabst into deer camp via snowshoe) -backlash
9. “Butch, take a right at that rub and let me off at the first scrape. Thanks.” -McCune
10. “If you make that shot I’ll ride around town on a bicycle with her on my back !!!” -rustyt
11. The Redneck X-games leader has a 5 block lead over the rest of the field….. -rolomar
12. After mom ran away with the mailman, dad was left to pack little Tommy’s lunch. –roletides

Backlash, you were so close. But in the end, brevity is the soul of wit–and the winner is wignoz, with “How to tell when a Midwesterner has a DUI.” If you ask me tomorrow, I’ll pick a different one. But today is not tomorrow, so congrats, Wignoz. I’ll contact you soon to ship your knew Pack Rack.

Now let the debating begin.