Dogs and Divorce Court: You Be The Judge

Divorces can get bitter. Aside from figuring out who gets the kids, the house, the money and the vacation home, there is the issue of the dog. Who cares who gets the cat, right? Dogs are a different story, though some people just don’t see it that way.

From the story on Outdoor Pressroom:_
A Saskatchewan judge has called a court custody battle over a Moose Jaw Labrador retriever a demeaning waste of public resources, noting simply: “A dog is a dog.”

__”It is an unacceptable waste of these parties’ financial resources, the time and abilities of their two very experienced and capable legal counsel and most importantly, the public resource of this court,” Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Ted Zarzeczny said in a recent ruling that noted the case tied up a courtroom for a day and saw testimony from three witnesses, including one expert witness._

A dog is a dog? Is the creature that leans into your body, shivering right alongside you in the duck blind, just a dog? Not in my mind. But I’m just one man. Would you spend the time and money in court to fight for your pup?