This is what happens when one of Field & Stream‘s FlyTalk bloggers puts down the rod and picks up a shotgun. That’s Tim Romano in the photo with a nice rooster in one hand and a super-cool old-school Browning Superposed in the other. It was Tim’s first bird, taken with his first shot, and it was on his first bird hunt. How can you top that? Tim is now hopefully ruined for life.

Lately Tim and I have been intruding on each other’s areas of expertise. Last year I decided to put down my baitcasters and pick up the fly rod, while Tim has developed an interest in bird hunting. He’s helped me out with a lot of good advice and I, in turn, have hopefully done the same. But now that Tim’s gone bird hunting I think he needs to take it one step further: I think Tim needs a dog. That’s the only thing missing from that picture. But what breed? Lab? Setter? Springer? Any suggestions or advice for Tim?