It’s the heart of waterfowl season here on the High Plains, and there’s not a better way to celebrate the abundance of Canada goose in the freezer than with a pan-fried breast showered in a simple sauce. Here are all the ingredients you need, short of a splash of red wine, to make the best breast in the West.


Now, onto our reader-submitted food photo: Teddy Tash said he was inspired by the hash story from this week to make this dish. His hash has potatoes with leftover duck breast and duck eggs. “A farmer I recently goose hunted with gave me some duck eggs, and they are great,” said Tash. “If I had to attach a fancy title to this dish it would be, ‘Hash with Duck Two Ways.’ It tasted great!”


If we had to attach a description of your dish, Teddy, we’d say: “Looks out-of-this-world delicious.” Thanks for sharing.

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