A kitty-munching red fox tipping the scales at a massive 26 pounds is thought to be the largest fox ever documented in Great Britain. The coyote-sized fox was trapped and killed in a suburban British garden after eating the homeowner’s housecat.


From this story in the UK Daily Mail:
Weighing almost two stone and measuring four feet from his nose to the tip of his tail, this is thought to be the biggest fox ever found in Britain. Twice the normal size of the species, it was trapped and killed in a garden in the South East after apparently devouring a pet cat. The discovery has fuelled fears that urban foxes are hunting new prey after getting bigger and bolder as they gorge themselves on leftovers, including treats put out for them by animal lovers. The animals’ rise was highlighted last year after twin babies were mauled in their east London home.
_Nine-month-old Lola and Isabella Koupparis were left scratched and scarred after a fox jumped into their cot in the night, leading to calls for the animals to be culled as pests. The new giant was caught by vet Keith Talbot at his parents’ home in Maidstone, Kent, on Boxing Day after they told him they believed a fox had killed their black and white pet cat, Amber. He said today: ‘Obviously, they were very upset. Amber was 19 and liked sleeping on the front door mat.’Dad had seen a fox come down the drive and stalk up to her a few nights before. He phoned me and said would a fox attack the cat? I said – perhaps a bit naively – I don’t think so, she would wake up and see it off. ‘A couple of days later, dad heard a commotion outside and looked up to see a fox disappearing up the drive and the next morning found parts of the cat on the lawn. Unfortunately, the family pet was no more.