I’ve historically used stainless-steel bowls or five-gallon buckets for feeding and watering my dogs. The steel pans, while indestructible, are annoyingly loud against kennel concrete. The buckets work, but, much like Congress, not very well. The dogs chew them and if you break ice in them, you will replace cracked buckets weekly. Enter the DuraFlex Little Giant food bowls and water pails.


I discovered these rubberized gems through a post on the bird-hunting blog Eight More Miles and bought four of the two-quart feed bowls and two ten-quart water buckets. Total cost, $25. I was skeptical at first, because my dogs can chew through Kryptonite. Last year for Christmas I received some “chew-proof” dog toys. The next day I scooped their pooped-out remains into the crap can, along with chunks of a granite headstone, an engine block from a ’78 Chevy, and a pile of scrap re-bar (kidding about the last three, but I wouldn’t put it past them).

After two months of determined canine assaults, the bowls and pails remain as new. As for breaking ice, just this morning I gleefully pounded bloody hell out of the frozen-solid water pails while sending prayers of infinite gratitude to the gods of petrochemical engineering. And that’s as strong an endorsement as I can give.