Wolf Hunting photo

So what’s with the weird animal stories coming from the former USSR? First it was the gun-toting fox. Now it’s a wolf pack that’s terrorizing a remote region of Siberia. But not just any wolf pack. This is a mega super-dooper wolf pack…

From this story in the Moscow News:
Hunters in Yakutia, north east Russia, are joining forces to track down and destroy a 400-strong pack of wolves that has so far killed 30 horses. The predators pose a threat to human life and a single pelt will meet a reward of 10,000 roubles, a district administration source told RIA Novosti. However, some scepticism may be appropriate. Wolves usually form packs of not more than 15-20 animals, and a group of 400 would be difficult to sustain.

Is it the long winters? The isolation? Or is there really a bad-a** gunslinging fox and a 400-strong wolf pack roaming the wilds of Siberia? And if you had to spend a winter, what might you hallucinate to pass the time?