Illegal Hunting Uncovered From Maine to Pennsylvania

_–Dave Maccar
A four-month investigation launched by a tip to the Maine Warden Service in the summer of 2010 lead to the execution of five search warrants this week targeting illegal hunting activities as far south as Pennsylvania.

The warrants, executed in a joint effort by the Maine Warden Service, the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the federal Fish and Wildlife Service, lead to the seizure of firearms, bows, arrows, ammo, venison, antlers and other items.

According to this story from, four people were arrested and face various charges:
A four month long investigation lead to five search warrants being executed Monday, January 24th. The target of these searches… evidence into illegal hunting activities. The Maine Warden Service received a tip during the 2010 summer that individuals had killed a large number of deer above the legal bag limit. This prompted an investigation that confirmed these accusations. Information was gathered through December 2010 that not only uncovered illegal hunting in the state of Maine, but these same poachers carried their activities into the state of Pennsylvania as well. A joint investigation between the Maine Warden Service, the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service led to the execution of search warrants on Monday.