Remember the kerfuffle a few years back over Internet hunting? Apparently someone didn’t get the memo that it was a bad idea, and illegal…

From this story via Gawker:
Some overeager hunter in Georgia hooked up a bunch of shotguns to be fired via webcam. A state wildlife employee found the rig last fall and reported it to the Department of Homeland Security. We’re never leaving the house again. According to the Augusta Chronicle, the guns were found in a power line right-of-way in South Georgia: “three shotguns were set up on a platform and linked to a web-accessible camera system that allows the gun to be fired via an Internet connection.”


Authorities think whoever set up the guns was trying to hunt remotely for wild boar, but they were taken down before a DHS investigation was possible. Amazingly this is illegal in Georgia, even though the Second Amendment clearly gives Americans the right to bear arms remotely via webcam