One of the great–and not always so great–aspects of blogging is the immediate response a writer gets from his readers in the form of comments. And as I’m winding down my time as a Man’s Best Friend blogger I decided to recognize some of you who have made it memorable. So herewith, the first–and probably last–Man’s Best Friend Reader Awards.

Most Valuable Commenter: There have been a number of great, thoughtful commenters on MBF, but none could compete with the reliability and enthusiasm of Kelmitch. Day after day, Kelmitch was right with Pritch and I following the ups and downs of our training. And always with an encouraging word…unlike the next award winner…

Best Take Down: A few readers decided I wasn’t worth the pixels this blog is posted on, but none did so as colorfully as BeardogRed. After a post where I complained that that the sporting dogs in the Westminster show looked nothing like the Goldens and Labs you see in the field, BeardogRed got a little upset. Delivering the coup to grace with this statement: “Son, you are like a Baby Bird, All Mouth and Ass.” We apparently have our differences Beardog, but I applaud your creativity!

Shoulda Been An Editor: No doubt that MBF caption contests are extremely popular with readers. And we had some heated competitions, but the reader with the golden touch was MLH. Contest after contest he dropped captions with the same deft that Snooki from the Jersey Shore drops her pants. MLH, I’m not sure of your day job, but you could certainly moonlight as an editor.

Thanks for the Compliment, I Think: When a photo of my wife, Jenny, showed up on the blog Waggs had this to say: “That’s your wife? Man, I don’t know you, but you might have outkicked you’re coverage if you catch my drift.” Oh, I catch the drift, Waggs. I’d rather be lucky than handsome.

Had a Bad Day? Three posts a week for nearly two years is a lot to write, and occasionally I’d have some fun. Like the time I wondered online about getting a small tattoo of Pritch’s head on my leg or arm. Well, that topic didn’t sit well with crm3006. Here’s what he had to say: “I’m through with this blog. When it started, the author/mediator promised it would be about dogs, with hounds and squirrel dog thrown in. The blog has descended to the moron level.” True to his word, crm3006 never returned.

And, finally, to all of you spammers out there that think we care about your Nike shoes or Gucci bag sales…KISS MY **S.

Congrats to all and thanks for playing along. I’ll have one or two more posts before I hand the reigns off to Chad for good.