It’s common for athletes to use video cameras as training tools. Watching yourself is a great way to improve your casting, your shotgunning skills or even your golf swing (if you’re into that sort of thing), but how many dog owners use video cameras to improve their training? There are a ton of retriever, flusher and pointing dog training clips on YouTube, so obviously someone out there’s doing it. Taping and then reviewing your training sessions and hunts I think it would be a fantastic way to identify problem areas not only for the dog, but you as well.


Having always been on the downward slope of the techno bell curve, I’ve never done it, but I want to start. That’s why I recently picked up one of those pocket HD camcorders, in this case a Flip Ultra HD and a waterproof Aquapac case to go with it. My plan is to video some of my training sessions this spring and summer, play it back and try to find areas of improvement. With me, that’s generally not a problem. And if I can convince Joe Cermele to give them his patented “Hook Shots” treatment, maybe even a few clips will end up on the blog for your endless amusement.

Anyone else use a video camera as a training tool?