Despite a recommendation from state biologists, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board rejected a proposed four-day muzzleloader season for antlerless deer to be held in October.

Though this story states that Gov. Peter Shumlin said having hunters in the woods during leaf-peeping season wasn’t a factor in his decision, he didn’t offer a clear reason for being against the hunt.

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_State biologists recommended a new anterless deer hunting season this fall, but that was rejected by the Fish and Wildlife Board after Governor Peter Shumlin made his opinion clear he was against it.
_The board took testimony earlier this month on the plan, which would have created a new four day season for antlerless deer in October using muzzle-loaders. State biologists said it would help maintain the health of the herd, but many hunters spoke out against the plan, including the Governor, who directed his Fish and Wildlife Commissioner and the board to shelve the plan.

“I think they have done great work — the biologists. I don’t want to second guess them. I am just telling you how I feel as Governor and I feel passionately about hunting and I don’t want muzzle loaders, or anyone else, shooting deer in October in Vermont,” Governor Shumlin said. Some were worried about having hunters in the wood during foliage season but the Governor said that was not a factor in his decision._