Here is a truly awful story out of Canada about a dog slaughter that points out how canines so often become the victims of our greed and negligence.

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The 100 dogs were shot dead over two days after an expected post-Olympics boom in dogsledding business at an adventure company didn’t pan out. Most died instantly, but others suffered — like the one that ran away with its “face blown off and an eye hanging out.” The gruesome event was described in documents awarding compensation to a worker, who claimed he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder from shooting the dogs after bookings dropped sharply for a tour operator following the 2010 Winter Olympics.
_”…The documents reveal bookings for dog sled tours collapsed after the Olympics, and when the company could not find homes for its animals, it ordered the cull. The dogs, which were part of a pack of 300, were shot over two days last April. “He was essentially told to figure out a way to make (the business) more cost-effective. They just had to have less dogs. So he did everything he could finding homes for them, having them adopted, every which way that he could,” Steinberg said Monday.

Unbelievable. Reaction?